New York Bans Shackling of Pregnant Incarcerated Women

WJP’s Miyhosi Benton and Tamar Kraft-Stolar are featured in a HuffPost article, “New York Bans ‘Barbaric’ Practice of Shackling Pregnant Inmates,” about the historic passage of NY’s anti-shackling law – the most progressive law of its kind in the country.  Read the article here.

“I personally feel like the shackling is very traumatizing and affected me in ways that I still suffer from today.... I feel liberated for all the women who will not have to go through what me and so many other women had to go through."

Miyhosi Benton,

WJP Senior Associate

“New York standing up and saying ‘We will no longer inflict this kind of brutality on women’ is fundamental.... We see this as a critical step forward to end our destructive policies of mass incarceration of women and all people.”

Tamar Kraft-Stolar,

WJP Co-Director