In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter & Say Her Name

“We know that there is implicit bias in the criminal legal system, and we know that women of color, particularly Black women, are disproportionately incarcerated. At every turn of the system, there is racism and sexism.”

Sharon White-Harrigan

Executive Director, Women's Community Justice Association

WJP joins all who are rising up in defense of Black lives and against the violence, death, racism, gender oppression, and economic injustice that white supremacy has inflicted in this country for centuries. We recognize that this same racism and violence drives our dehumanizing system of mass incarceration and the rampant abuse experienced by people behind the walls.

We mourn and honor the Black women, men and gender expansive people who have been killed by state-sanctioned violence. 

Take Action by following and supporting:

#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #DefundThePolice #DefendBlackLives #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor #AhmaudArbery #TonyMcDade #SandraBland #CuomoLetThemGo #WeFightForHer