WJP Infographic: Pregnancy, Childbirth & Shackling

WJP is pleased to announce the release of Incarcerated Women: Pregnancy, Childbirth & Shackling, which highlights the dehumanizing and deeply harmful practices endured by pregnant and birthing people in our prisons and jails.

These practices are part of the continuum of reproductive injustices inflicted on the women and gender expansive people most targeted for criminalization and incarceration: Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and people from economically marginalized communities. The experience of violence, racism, and gender oppression led Black women to develop the powerful framework of Reproductive Justice. Visit SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective to learn more about their vital work and the concept and origin of Reproductive Justice.

This publication’s content is informed by the experiences and expertise of women who are currently and formerly incarcerated as well as statistics gathered from a range of sources, including federal government data and academic research initiatives.

We hope this piece contributes to the critical organizing led by people directly impacted by incarceration to end shackling, advance reproductive justice, and transform our criminal legal system.

Learn more and view the full, downloadable infographic HERE.